Avatar New York Affirms Desktop and Mobile Web Design Will Meld in the Near Future

New York, NY—Avatar New York, a leading New York web design firm, details why developers will begin to condense desktop and mobile designs in the future, and discusses the progression of scalable website development.

When responsive design first rose to popularity a couple of years ago, designers still thought of desktop and mobile websites as two separate entities. Now, as more brands push for innovative layouts, and consumers increase their use of mobile devices, developers are realizing that their approaches to desktop and mobile design will soon be blended.

Instead of relying on mobile apps to harbor most features, technology, like HTML 5, has allowed developers to create mobile websites that look and function like their desktop counterparts. The gap that once existed between mobile and desktop websites is closing rapidly.

Todd Johnson, the managing director of Avatar New York, an award winning New York web design firm, says it’s easier to render large-scale websites on smaller screens due to technology. “Now, we can create mobile websites with similar functionality to the desktop version,” he says. “When developers start thinking of how to create mobile versions, they do not need to think of it as a separate project as much as they did in the past. The lines will continue to blur in the future as well.”

Though the line separating desktop and mobile design will continue to blur in the future, Johnson advises developers to be cognizant of how a website’s mobile version renders in different web browsers. “Some web browsers, particularly older browsers, may not support aspects of a specific mobile solution,” he says. “Before you design a mobile or desktop site, you should research your target audience. Which browsers do they use most? Tailor your design to meet your research, so your finished product looks and works as expected across all devices and browsers.”

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