Advantages of Submitting XML Sitemaps to Search Engines

seo xml sitemap

An XML sitemap lists URLs and metadata about URLs to inform search engines about website pages to be crawled and indexed for search. Keeping search engines updated by regularly submitting XML sitemaps for indexing will ensure visitors who locate your website via search, find the most up to date and relevant content. Avatar New York discusses why submitting XML sitemaps to search engines is important.

  • Sitemaps list all indexable site URLs. Sitemaps ensure that search engines locate every page on a site that you want indexed for search. Submitting an XML sitemap to search engines means that web pages are available for search as quickly as possible.

  • Sitemaps prioritize search information. Sitemaps can place higher importance on priority pages. Prioritizing pages informs search engines about which pages on your website you find most important, which can assist in higher search engine rankings for those pages.

  • Sitemaps alert search engines of changes. XML tags, such as “lastmod” inform search engines when a page last changed. The “changefreq” tag alerts search engines about how often changes are likely to occur. These tags keep search engines in sync with changes to your web pages.

  • Sitemaps remove irrelevant web pages from search results. Sitemaps ensure your web pages are quickly indexed by search engines. But they also inform search engines about deleted or unpublished web pages. Regularly submitting a sitemap will remove dead links leading back to your website from search results.

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