6 Features Your Website May Be Lacking

In today’s technology-based society, having an up-to-date website is a key component of the success of a business. There are certain features that should be included in a website in order to achieve optimal efficiency. Below we list six components that your website may be lacking:

1. CTAs. In order to promote easy user navigation, it is essential to add prominent and easily accessible CTAs to your website’s content. CTA stands for “Call to Action” and is a graphic or a link placed on a website to guide users to important content or actions. Linking a website’s pages together with CTAs encourages in depth site exploration, boosts SEO efforts, and decreases your bounce rate.

2. Social Media Integration. Integrating social media into a website offers many benefits, the main being that actions taken on your website are shared in the large, social sphere, thereby expanding your digital marketing footprint. Whether linking to your social platforms, adding icons for sharing content, or placing a social feed on your website, social integration raises the accessibility to your brand’s digital marketing efforts and increases the potential for connections and communication with current and potential clients.

3. Points of Contact. Making it easy for website visitors to easily make contact is extremely important to the success of a website. In addition to a “Contact Us” form, types of contact information you can provide include your company’s e-mail address, phone number, and physical address. The prominence you give each piece of contact information is up to you. But most, if not all, should be available to visitors.

4. Evergreen Content. Visitors to your website are more than likely looking for relevant content. One point of relevance being that said content is not out of date. News articles, which quickly go out of date, are fine to post on a website, however it is also important to post content that does not have an expiration date, otherwise known as “Evergreen”. Examples of evergreen content include lists, white papers, and how-to articles.

5. Responsive Design. More than half of all Internet users view websites from a mobile device. If your website is not mobile-friendly, then you could possibly be losing potential customers to competitors with websites that are responsive to mobile devices. Making a website responsive does not require a complete redesign. Just about any website can be retrofitted with a responsive solution.

6. Sufficient Hosting. Be sure your website hosting can handle your website's traffic and bandwidth. If your website’s pages don’t load fast enough, your website may be penalized by visitors (by leaving your website) and search engines (by reducing your website’s pagerank). A better hosting solution may include moving your website to a bigger server or optimizing the current server’s configuration to handle traffic more efficiently.