5 Website Tips for Service Based Companies

Today's consumer has innumerable choices when it comes to online shopping, services, and information. For service based companies, this means that attention to detail and providing an exceptional online experience is vital to convert and retain clientele.

Below we offer six website tips for service based companies.

  1. Add call-to-action buttons. Provide consumers with the opportunities to engage with your business. Include call-to-actions on each page of a website to a contact form, mailing list sign ups, and special offers and promotions. If contact by phone is important to your business, include a contact telephone number on each page so that viewers can easily call wherever they are on the website.

  2. Provide testimonials. Testimonials speak volumes about a business' service standards. Customers trust other customers and are more often influenced by their recommendations than traditional advertising and sales pitches.

  3. Utilize easy-to-complete forms. Few things are as frustrating to website visitors, as a long, complicated, and difficult to use form. Ensure that forms are clearly labelled, collect only the most pertinent information, provide error feedback as mistakes occur, instead of when the form is submitted.

  4. Request feedback. One of the best ways to improve customer experience is by collecting and implementing feedback from customers themselves. Whether collected via email, Twitter or a web form, make sure to report back to customers when their feedback is acted upon.

  5. Provide quality content. Post industry relevant content that provides value to your site visitors as well as helps them understand the products and services you offer compared to competitors. In consumer’s mind, the quality of the content you produce on your website is  a direct reflection of the quality of your business, products and services.

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