5 Tips for Improving CSS

css image

Cascading style sheets, or CSS, helps to control website content and defines styles for web pages. When properly used, CSS can save a lot of time and aggravation. By avoiding some common pitfalls, programmers can increase efficiency with CSS. Below we reveal 5 tips for improving your CSS.

Bundle properties. To avoid writing the same properties over and over, remove any unnecessary IDs and classes and then bundle common properties together. By scaling down sections within the website design, files can run more efficiently, and coding can be done much quicker.

Maintain a template library. Creating templates can take up a lot of time initially, but there is a big return on that investment in the long run. Template libraries eliminate the need to write out code from scratch with each new project. The ability to simply access and modify templates when starting new projects will save a lot of time. Multiple versions can be saved to use for different needs to accommodate print, mobile, blogs and more.

Use hyphens instead of underscores. Older browsers can often malfunction or not work at all when encountering underscores. Replace underscores with hyphens for better compatibility and better effectiveness.

Always validate code. Validating code assists in de-bugging, checks to see if a page works in accord with web standards and multiple platforms, and minimizes maintenance need. If an HTML program does not have a built-in validation component, do not fear, CSS validation services are available online.

Alphabetize properties. Alphabetizing properties is a simple trick that yields results. Putting properties in alphabetical order will greatly reduce the amount of time spent looking for a specific property. Keep an organized process in general, and include alphabetizing as a best practice.

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