5 Steps We Took to Improve Jouer Cosmetics Online

To kickoff the New Year, Jouer Cosmetic launched a new ecommerce website - Avatar New York has been working with Jouer for several months building their new website as well as restructuring their back office process and integrating a seamless ordering and fulfillment workflow that requires as little human intervention as possible.

Below are the five steps we took to improve Jouer's online presence.

Used existing brand elements to redefine Jouer's message
Jouer was happy with the basics of their brand but knew they needed to extend it to better connect with their customers. Before we started the design process, we conducted a branding workshop with heavy involvement from Jouer's founder and top executives. Using their existing logo and basic color scheme, we produced visual mood boards, typography explorations, color ways, example messaging and potential image treatments.

Brand Presentation Art Direction

Based redesign on specific content requirements
Jouer understood that high-quality and relevant content would be a vital to increasing product sales online. Specifically, they wanted a website that would allow them to publish editorial content as well as a variety of product imagery. As part of the branding workshop, we defined the types of content that would need to be created as well as content directions that fit with the overall branding guidelines.

Developed website on a flexible ecommerce platform
Jouer's first website was built on a proprietary platform that allowed them little flexibility with customizing either the front-end user experience or the back-end administrative functions. Part of their requirement for the rebuild included using a platform that would allow complete freedom in implementing an optimal user interface as well as a back-end customized to work with their inventory and order management process.

Their new website, using Drupal with Ubercart, was built to their exact specification without any limitations on workflows, user interface, or back-end administration.

Migrated customer data to the new site before launch
A successful site launch required a seamless transition for customers using the site. As part of the website launch, we migrated user accounts and order history data into the new site database. Not every part of a new experience should be new.

Integrated with Quickbooks and fulfillment center
To streamline Jouer's back office process, we integrated the ecommerce platform with Quickbooks. New customers, orders and inventory are kept in sync via a custom developed webservice. We are also integrating the website with Jouer's order fulfillment center.

Building a website that works for you, instead of you working for your website, requires upfront planning and a flexible and transparent project process that allows change while maintaining overall scope and quality.