5 Reasons to Upgrade from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2

The HTTP/2 upgrade is a long time coming. It modifies how data is communicated between the user and the server, providing quicker loading time, better responsiveness, and better security than its HTTP/1.1 counterpart. Below we share five reasons to upgrade from HTTP/1.1 to HTTP/2.

  1. HTTP/2 Multiplexing. Multiplexing reduces the amount of time needed to process a request as well as shortening loading times when receiving a response. HTTP/1 requests one source at a time per connection. The browser must then wait for the next resource to download, which slows loading speeds. HTTP/2 however, makes a single connection and can then receive several responses at a time through simultaneously transferring files between the client and server. Multiplexing combines multiple images into a single file which loads together.

  2. HTTP/2 performance and security advantages through HPACK.  HPACK accesses previous client and server requests, compressing redundant header frames and delivering on several performance advantages, such as effective stream prioritization, reduced resource overhead, shrunken data-streams, and increased security. HTTP/2 is not vulnerable to several common security hacks such as CRIME.

  3. HTTP/2's “Server Push.” HTTP/2 takes a proactive approach in sharing content with the user by limiting the amount of requests needed to render a web page. Server Push automatically delivers content to browsers before the browser requests it. Server Push content is uncacheable, automatically provides all content from a requested page, and automatically loads the next page to be most-likely visited with near-instant load times.

  4. HTTP/2 Prioritization. Servers can now deliver resources that are of high priority faster than ever before. Developers can now assign dependency levels in the development process, which reduces the time needed to deliver requests, improves page load times, and has a positive impact on the user's experience.

  5. HTTP/2 eliminates time-consuming workarounds for frontend web developers. HTTP/2 will lighten the workload for developers. HTTP/2 bundles assets, eliminating the need for concatenating JavaScript and CSS files, Image spiriting, Inlining assets, and domain sharding.

Avatar New York hosting client have already been upgraded to HTTP2.

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