5 Characteristics Of A Successful Website

Since everybody either owns a computer, tablet, or smartphone, information is more accessible than ever before. In today’s age, it’s vital for a business to have its own website. Although having a website is important, an ineffective website is almost as bad as not having one at all. Avatar New York discusses 5 characteristics of a successful and effective website:

1. Functional, user-friendly design.

Your overall design must be of optimal design in functionality, usability, and appearance. It should be easy to navigate whether on desktop or on mobile as well as user-friendly for visitors of all ages and varying levels of technology experience.

2. Relevant, search engine optimized (SEO) content.

All content should be relevant to your brand and effectively communicate your message. You should also have a developed content marketing strategy that is search engine optimized and used throughout your website’s content.

3. High-quality visuals.

Your logo, portfolio photos, and any other images used throughout your website should be clear, visible, and high-resolution.

4. Call-to-action.

What’s the point of coming to your website? Do you want visitors to sign up for a newsletter, or customers to call to set up an appointment? Make your call-to-action known, and direct website viewers to a clear goal/end point.

5. Contact information.

Place your company information (name, location, phone number, email address) so it’s visible. Either devote one full page to listing your contact info, or place it at the footer of each page on your website.

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