5 Advantages Of Website Cloud Hosting

There are several advantages to hosting your website “in the cloud.” Although there are various servers and software programs to choose from, the core characteristics of digital hosting remain the same.

1. Quick fixes: Looking to change something on your website? No problem. Digital hosting allows web designers to make edits and fix issues on the site within a matter of minutes.

2. Utility costing: One reason why cloud hosting is so beneficial is because it is cost-efficient. Clients only pay for what is being used on the server, so they will avoid overpaying and losing money on wasted space. Similarly, purchasing more space is always available when need be.

3. Virus scanning: Hosting in the cloud is especially vital for safety assurance. One service that Avatar New York provides their clients is McAffee PCI Security Scans to guarantee websites are running as efficiently and virus-free as possible.

4. Backups: The beauty of cloud hosting, among many things, is that backing up files and data is extremely simple. Backups can be scheduled automatically or performed manually on a daily or weekly basis to ensure safe data storage.

5. Real-time monitoring and alerts: Cloud hosting enables real-time tracking, alerts, and monitoring for your website. This enables web designers to keep clients updated and aware of how their site is performing at any time.