4 Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2017

web design

Technology is changing fast, and web-design is advancing in leaps and bounds. From the user-experience focus of the past couple of years with mobile-responsive design to the introduction of chat-bots, web designers have been mastering the art of superb user-focused development. As we approach the new year, new advances take center-stage. Below we share four web design trends to watch for in 2017.

  1. Intelligent assistance. Artificial intelligence takes center stage in 2017, as designers move towards more voice-search functions and digital concierge services. Artificial intelligence in design creates a phenomenal user experience, with conveniences such as setting alarms, reminders, controlling smart switches, and even providing hapnotic feedback. Hapnotic feedback will cue users with subtle pulses to guide them through the site, prompting the user to go to CTAs and other points of navigation. User-experience focused chatbots, however, will be the most exciting AI feature of the new year. Chatbots provide 24-hour customer support with humanized conversational interactions.

  2. New expectations for visuals. 2017 visual expectations will revolve around the wow factor. Stock animations and photos will be replaced with custom graphics, authentic photography, large typography, bold color, and engaging videos. Among the most exciting visual elements will be cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are like living images. They provide action and interest, making them more engaging than standard photos and graphics, but use far less bandwidth than video.

  3. Assisted user flow through failure-mapping. Journey maps and user-flow charts have been standard tools for designing with the typical user in mind, but what about the non-typical user? As more people of varying ages and tech-ability are using the internet regularly, it becomes of increasing importance to design for all users, even those who don't follow the typical user path. Failure mapping allows designers to understand and anticipate non-ideal user behavior scenarios so they can prevent user error and make the site more intuitive for all.

  4. Flat design. The minimalistic presentation of flat design will gain popularity as we move into the new year. Simple designs allow for more attention to user-experience elements such as interesting micro-interactions to guide the user and the incorporation of impressive visuals.

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