4 Web Design Trends That Died in 2015

Web design trends are always changing, which is not a bad thing. It’s important for designers to be aware of upcoming trends, but it is equally as important to know what trends need to be thrown away. Here are a few web design trends that died in 2015.

Skeumorphic design

Skeumorphic design is the concept of making things on a flat screen, like a computer screen, look 3 dimensional, using shadows, highlights, or detailing. This design trend has died because it often creates visual noise and clutter on a website. It also can be difficult to develop and maintain.

Autoplay ads, videos, or media

Have you ever clicked on a search result to check out a website only to have music start playing or an ad pop up over the top of content? Pop-up media creates an extremely aggravating experience for users, which is precisely why it has died. Designers and companies now realize that media, videos, and ads are still important, but users should be able to click and view them by their own choosing.

Designs that are only pleasing to the eye

The primary focus has shifted from creating beautiful websites to creating aesthetically pleasing websites that work. Beautiful and creative web design is dead— users are looking for websites that get the job done.

Above the fold design

Previous to 2015, there was a large emphasis on making sure all content on a site landed above the fold (where the computer screen stops). However, this design is no longer necessary because users have adapted to technology, largely in part to mobile devices. Users now want to scroll and swipe to find content.

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