4 Ways to Improve Website Loading Speed

Consumers may navigate away from sites that take longer than three seconds to load. As a result, businesses are now looking to decrease the loading speed of their websites. Here are 4 ways that businesses can improve website loading speed:

Modify your images, so they load faster. Websites with several large pictures load more slowly. Shrink your images to help your site load more quickly. Use GIF files for graphics and compressed JPGS for photos. PNGs take up too much space.

Use a local web host and assess their hosting equipment. A web host located 50 miles or more from your business leads to longer load times. Consequently, it’s best to select a local web host if you and your customers reside in the same area. Do a ping test to determine where your site is hosted. If it’s too far away, change host providers. If your company targets audiences from all over the world, consider using a content delivery network. By delivering website files to a local server, this type of system helps your content load faster.

Also, be sure to evaluate the equipment your hosting company uses. Cheaper equipment usually leads to slower load times. If you attract thousands of website visitors, it’s worth paying more for a web host that uses advanced equipment.

Turn on caching. A cache stores data so it can be accessed faster. Enable PHP caching and store your website’s content after it has been loaded, so your visitors only have to wait on the Internet once.

Make your code lean and efficient. Large websites will benefit from hiring a web designer to optimize their code. Coding that you no longer used will be removed to make your site faster. If possible, aim to keep your CSS at or under 75KB.

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