4 Things To Do Before Launching A New Website

website launch

A new website can be an exciting venture for a company and generate business if done correctly. A negative launch experience can set the tone for the future of the company among current and potential customers. To avoid any roadblocks at its premiere, Avatar New York shares four things to do before launching a new website.

1. Proofread. Proper spelling and grammar speaks to the credibility of a business. If you consistently make and disregard these errors, users may be quick to dismiss a website. Thoroughly review all content to ensure it is accurate and targeted to the right audience.

2. Check links. All links within the website should be functional and link to the right locations. Beware of any dead or misleading links. Furthermore, linking to a website’s internal pages as well as to other relevant, non-competitor sites are key components of an effective SEO strategy.

3. Test for mobile compatibility. With more than half of internet users surfing the web solely via mobile devices, sites must be accessible to that potential customer base. Small print, non-mobile friendly links, and misaligned text or images are all visual and practical turn-offs to viewers.

4. Ensure accessible navigation. The key to creating an optimal user experience is to test your website as if you, yourself, are a potential customer. This means ensuring that the site is easy to navigate internally, loads quickly, and connects to the company’s social media channels.

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