4 Reasons Your Website Is Driving Away Customers

You may have recently invested your money into a brand new website for your company, but you’re not seeing the desired results. Why is this happening? Below is explained four ways your website is driving away potential customers:

1. Lengthy content: Because of how accessible information is in today’s world of technology, no one wants to take the time to read paragraphs of content. To keep your customer’s attention for a longer amount of time, simply list the most important information in bullets or even compact it into three sentences maximum. The shorter, the better!

2. Disorganized navigation: Is your website design user-friendly? Is it easily navigable and able to provide the right information in an easy-to-read format? If your website’s structure is confusing and messy, you are more likely to drive away potential clients and customers.

3. Not directed to your target audience: Be mindful of what your audience knows about your industry. Don’t use professional jargon that they won’t understand, and direct your efforts to your targeted audience.

4. Slow loading speeds: If it takes a while for your content to load, page visitors are more likely to exit out of your page and go to your competition’s faster-loading site. Make sure your hosting platform is optimized to handle the right amount of data and web traffic.