4 Reasons Why Business Owners Should Leave Website Design to the Pros

A website is the face of a business in the online community, and your site must be professional if it is going to attract new visitors and convert them into customers. According to Todd Johnson, the managing director of Avatar New York, “Designing a professional website takes years of experience and a team of qualified professionals. Writers, graphic designers and programmers must work together to create an site that turns web surfers into web customers.”

Although DIY websites cost less upfront, they generally look unprofessional and inhibit the user experience. Each company is different, so businesses need a custom template to showcase their products or services.

In addition, customers do not trust an unprofessional website, and they often generate high bounce rates. This can hurt a site’s placement on search engines. Here are four more reasons why business owners should leave web design to the pros:

1. Professional designers understand how to enhance the user experience.

A site that is difficult to navigate will turn visitors away. Websites require an easily understandable interface with clearly defined navigation bars. Also, the placement of the contact information and calls to action, as well as the basic layout, must enhance the user experience.

2. Professional designers have graphic design experience.

A company needs a professional logo to enhance the visual appeal of its brand and website. Additionally, search engines reward seamless integration of visual components, such as images, infographics and videos, because they reduce load time and enhance the experience of visitors.

3. Professional designers have access to talented copywriters.

Making a website visible to a target audience requires publishing useful content. This not only applies to the webpages, but it is also important for blogs and other types of media. Professional website designers have access to talented copywriters who have Internet marketing experience. This is a critical piece of the puzzle for business owners who want to expand their audience and revenues.

4. Professional designers will build a site that will be an asset to your marketing campaign.

Search-engine optimization is the process of developing and marketing a website so it ranks well on search engines for target keywords. Designing a search engine-friendly website is one of the most technical steps in SEO. An experienced developer will understand how to customize the text, images and backend code so your site is ready for optimization.

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