4 Reasons to Migrate from Drupal 6 to a Different CMS


example cms types

example cms types

On February 24, 2016, Drupal 6 reached "end of life", as the Drupal Community officially discontinued support for the platform. As a Drupal 6 website owner, you may have come to the conclusion that you need to move your website to a different content management system. Avatar New York reveals four reasons why switching to a new CMS may be a good choice during a move off Drupal 6:

1) You are unhappy with Drupal 6. If you are unhappy with Drupal 6, switching to a different CMS during a migration may be a good decision. All existing CMS platforms have improved significantly since Drupal 6 launched in early 2008, so you will have several great platforms from which to choose.

2) You feel Drupal is not the appropriate platform for your website. Drupal is a powerful, flexible and widely used CMS and development framework. Sounds perfect, but Drupal still might not be appropriate for your website. For example, Drupal has evolved into an enterprise level development framework. The platform can be used for basic websites but may be more complex than required, either from a development or an administrative perspective.

3) You are rebuilding your website from the ground up. If moving from Drupal 6 will also involve a redesign of the website, using a different CMS may make sense, particularly if you are unhappy with Drupal. Alternatively, if replacing Drupal 6 is the only part of your website that you plan to change, staying with Drupal may be your best option.

4) Your business may have outgrown or evolved beyond Drupal. This situation usually has less to do with Drupal itself and more to do with which services come with Drupal. In deciding whether to move a Drupal 6 website to a different CMS, as opposed to a more recent version of Drupal, consider where you want your website to be in two to three years. Also, take the time to thoroughly vet other platforms you may be considering, compared to what Drupal offers.

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