4 Main Characteristics Of An Effective Landing Page

Whereas many people consider a landing page to be any web page one might “land on,” it is typically defined as the page on a website which is specifically designed to grab the attention of and convert a potential lead. Whether it’s a sign-up form or informational, below are identified the 4 main characteristics of an effective website landing page:

1. Attractive design. This is possibly the most important element of your landing page. It must be designed to lure in leads who are interested in your services. The more attractive a page is, the longer a visitor will stick around. This means your web designer will need to create a visually appealing, responsive, and user-friendly design in order to attract and potentially convert leads.

2. Quality information. In addition to captivating design, your content should be of optimal quality. Keep it short and sweet in order to hold the interest of page visitors. Tell them exactly what they need to know about your business, products, and services. Include any other information relevant to your goal.

3. Call-to-action. What do you want people to do upon visiting your page? Whether you want them to set up an appointment or sign up for a monthly newsletter your company will be sending out, state it loud and clear. This “leads” us to the last, most crucial part of your landing page.

4. Lead form. A lead generation form is the centerpiece of your landing page. This is the location where potential clients and customers can provide you with information about themselves, their business, and their ideas and goals. The form must function efficiently and forward messages over to a designated email address in which you will receive the information that was filled out. From there, you will be able to potentially convert these leads and earn new business.

As HubSpot intelligently states, “all landing pages are web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages.” If you need assistance with upgrading your web design or landing page, don’t hesitate to contact Avatar New York today.