4 of the Best Text Editing Tools for Web Developers

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Text editors are an important tool for web developers to ease the burden of writing code, changing configuration files, and documentation files. There's a wide variety of text editing tools available to developers. With so many choices, it can be difficult to decide which to use. Avatar New York shares four of the best text editing tools for web developers.

  1. Atom. Atom is a free, open source editor that allows for auto-completion, file system browsers, git control, multiple panes, and more. This editor is known for being easy to learn and very customizable for easy coding. It has also been dubbed as “The hackable text editor of the 21st Century.” Atom provides cross-platform editing functionality, a built-in package manager, and allows developers to work without needing to utilize config files.

  2. Vim. Vim is one of the oldest text editors on the market and is known for being completely keyboard operable, for its ubiquity and its portability. Vim can be used for remote development, using a terminal over SSH. Vim is highly customizable, has a lot of plugins support, and performs wonderfully with large files. This tried and true text editor also provides support for hundreds of programming languages and file formats and is easily integrated with various development tools, such as Python and much more.

  3. Emacs. Emacs is well-known for its editing experience. This text editor provides rectangular editing, kill-ring, which is like a virtual clipboard for historical editing information, and mark-ring, which allows developers to store elements of interest in a buffer for later use. Emacs is ideal for projects such as creating typeset documents and charts with Graphviz-mode. Emacs is extensible and customizable due to its integrated Emacs Lisp interpreter.

  4. Komodo Edit. Komodo Edit provides in-app previews, code completion, color coding, supports various languages including PHP, JavaScript, XML, and HTML, and allows developers to write HTML5 documents with CSS3. Komodo is customizable through plug-ins and macros and provides tons of features found in an integrated development environment, such integrated debugging support, source code control integration, interactive shells, and much more.

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