4 Benefits of Using Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps allow users of your site to experience your website or web pages as if they were using a mobile app. Progressive Web Apps have gone by other names in the past, such as Installable Web Apps and Hybrid Apps.

Essentially, Progressive Web Apps are web pages that resemble mobile apps in look and feel. As a result, they boast several attractive features. They are safe, responsive, fresh, installable, likable, connectivity-independent, and more. This new technology offers businesses several benefits, including:

  1. Better search engine optimization. Progressive Web Apps enable faster site indexing. Use these Apps and drive traffic to your website by making it easier for customers to find you.
  2. Fewer page error messages. Because Progressive Web Apps work online and offline, offline visitors to your site trying to open a new page are now able to see a customizable offline page instead of an error message. Letting your customers access your site when and where it's convenient for them increases the likelihood they'll revisit your site and purchase from you.
  3. Faster access to information. Progressive Web Apps are quicker than websites. As a result, consumers can access your data and information more quickly. Research shows retention and user experience ratings increase when customers are able to access information rapidly. Faster access to information can also lead to higher conversation rates.
  4. Better user experience.  Mobile apps have tremendous ease of use. Progressive Web Apps deliver a similar user experience. Because Progressive Web Apps are similar to mobile apps, users will already be familiar with how to navigate your content. Plus, Progressive Web Apps can be integrated directly into a corporate website or tailored to resemble a business website. Businesses have a variety of options available when using Progressive Web Apps, but all options provide a smooth and familiar user experience.

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