3 Web Design Trends for Building Customer Loyalty

Developing customer loyalty is crucial for the success of any type of business. According to Todd Johnson, managing director for Avatar New York, "Many businesses overlook the opportunity to create customer loyalty using their website as a tool. When designing a website, business owners should keep in mind how website design could be used to encourage customers to keep coming back for more".

Here are a few tips to help your business build customer loyalty through website design:

1. Responsive Design

Nothing is more frustrating to customers than websites that don't convert or work properly on modern smartphones or tablets. There is an increasing expectation from consumers for websites to work flawlessly on all types of devices, whether it is a smartphone or a desktop computer. Non-responsive websites can scare off new customers, and lead existing customers to turn elsewhere. Businesses should maintain fully responsive websites to avoid this issue.

2. Offer Meaningful and Tangible Value

Businesses can encourage customer loyalty by designing a website that offers tangible value that gives them a reason to come back. Examples of tangible value on a website can include video tutorials, a customer dashboard, or routine promotions. Former customers who would benefit from content incorporated into a website could return several times to utilize these resources.

3. Encourage Direct Engagement

Online transactions are often impersonal by nature. Directly engaging with your customers through your website will make them feel more comfortable and encourage them to return to your site. The prominent placement of contact forms, phone numbers, and email addresses are all proven ways to encourage engagement and increase long-term relationships with customers.

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