3 Ways to Use Element Queries

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Element queries work similarly to media queries, but take the concept to the next level. Where media queries approached responsive design based on the height and width of the browsers viewpoint, element queries allow designers to create styles as they apply to elements based on their properties. Element queries are the next step in simplifying the development process and optimizing mobile responsiveness. Below we discuss 3 Ways to Use element queries.

  1. Write conditional CSS/JS based on element properties. Rather than approaching design from a user-agent properties perspective, element queries allow developers to write based on the properties of an element. This focus allows developers to attach media query break-points according to the characteristics of the element rather than the page's viewport. This process gives developers more control over characters, font sizes, and pixels while improving responsive conditions.

  2. Modularize templates to keep responsive elements independent from the layout. Element queries allow developers to isolate responsive elements within the layout. This process enables developers to make adjustments with minimal need to rework styles. Element queries are excellent for building templates for elements such as navigation bars, footers, accordions, media players and sidebar widgets, among others. Individual elements can be transported to different pages, or even different websites, making less work for developers.

  3. Design with an elements-first approach to ensure cross browser usability. Many developers still design with a mobile-first approach or desktop-first approach and worry about cross-browser usability as an afterthought in testing. Approaching design in such a way today is a time waster and inefficient for achieving an optimized experience for users. Element queries allow developers to address the functionality of individual elements before creating the whole. Approaching elements first ensures cross-browser functionality throughout the process, creating better efficiency, saving developers time, and ensuring a more user-friendly final product.

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