3 Useful Tools for Web Designers

Web designers face the grueling task of not only creating a visually pleasing website, but they are also charged with creating a website that caters to the user’s experience. In order to achieve user-friendly layouts and functionality, there is a lot of testing to be done throughout the process. Speed and efficiency are important for web designers to complete their tasks and for the users of the final project. Fortunately, some new tools can help with efficiency in testing and design and also contribute to a better user experience. Avatar New York shares three useful tools for web designers.

  1. Picnic CSS. Picnic CSS is referred to as a “lightweight” library that is improving the way web designers work with cascading style sheets. Picnic CSS 3.0 is focused on reducing load time and creating efficiency for designers. Picnic is completely modular, allowing for easy modification and testing. Picnic can be installed in the browser to integrate it into any project.

  1. Mega boilerplate. This starter project generator is focused primarily on ease of use. Any part of a designer's application stack can be customized and used throughout several platforms, such as CSS and Javascript frameworks, CSS pre-processors, building and unit testing tools, template engines, databases, and deployment platforms.

  1. Smock. The Smock app for Mac allows designers to mock-up a live website to a mobile device. High-resolution mock-ups help to showcase the look and usability of the mobile website design in action. These mock-ups can be used for either portfolio or client use. The UI status bar, address bar, and toolbar can be added or removed during the testing period.

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