3 Tips for Logo Design

Along with web design, Avatar New York helps companies enhance their branding and identities. Avatar New York provides logo design services to help companies create and maintain their brand online. According to Todd Johnson, managing director for Avatar New York, “A company’s identity defines how individuals engage with your products and services.”

Here are some tips to make sure you get the best results from your next logo design project.

Know your brand.

A logo is an introduction to a company and the brand. It is important that both the website owner and designer understand and agree on the brand a logo represents. Before redesigning or creating a new logo, spend time documenting the brand and discovering what makes it unique or recognizable.

Keep the focus on what makes you unique.

A great logo does not necessarily have to be unique. It should however, convey what makes a company unique. Maintaining your focus on the uniqueness of your company, as opposed to the uniqueness of the logo, will narrow possible directions and keep the logo work on a path to success.

Keep it simple.

In today’s marketplace, logos can appear in many different contexts including on various printable assets and within mobile devices, desktop computers and large television screens. Simplicity has become increasing important in logo design to ensure a logo displays well across the diverse communication mediums that exist today.

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