3 Tips To Better Your HD Web Design

While high-definition (HD) design can provide a more visually appealing website, it can cause some problems, as well. Avatar New York provides you with 3 ways that you can work around these issues while still incorporating HD images and videos.

  1. Still video. HD backgrounds are appearing on more and more websites, which, in turn, increases load times. To keep load times to a minimum, using a background video that is mostly “still” is recommended. This technique allows you to keep the high definition quality, by simply decreasing the quantity. Incorporating little movement and encompassing mostly static features in your background will create the experience that you are looking for, without straining the load time.

  2. Out of focus. A popular simplification technique of HD videos is to make it out of focus. This is able to continue to provide the desired movement and ambiance of a video, but is beneficial because it is artistic while also lessening the load strain. This will also make navigational buttons and other features stand out more, as they will appear crisp and clear in front of the blurred background.

  3. Less is more. By reducing and removing unnecessary items and images, you will rid the website of clutter and increase load time. This technique creates a better focus and allows the site to run more smoothly as a result. An added bonus is that this lessens the financial burden on purchasing or creating a lot of HD website content.

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