3 Tips For B2B Web Design

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  1. Content. Only content that is relevant should be included on your page, keeping the web design to a minimum. Do not consume space with filler words and unnecessary or repetitive descriptions. Keep everything concise and to the point, including articles, blogs, demonstrations, and other items that can be downloaded by and useful to the user. Be sure to deliver your message in many different ways and formats to expand your customer base, but only include what is necessary.

  2. Social media. The integration of social media in B2B web design is extremely important, because it provides another outlet for communication. Social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram allow companies to broadcast news, updates, and offerings that they currently have to share. Social media is such a huge part of business and marketing today, so make sure to have visible links to your social media pages from your website.

  3. Trustworthiness. Businesses want to make sure that they are working with another company that they can fully trust. It is important for your designer to prove that your company is trustworthy right off the bat, because it has been shown that most visitors typically spend less than one minute looking at a website. Therefore, you have just seconds to sell yourself to a potential client. This can be achieved by displaying awards or testimonials on the homepage to prove that your business is acclaimed and respected.  

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