3 Reasons Why Mobile-Responsive Web Designs Rank Well on Google

New York, NY— Avatar New York is an award-winning web design company. With innovative websites customized for each business’s clientele, Avatar New York helps companies attract new customers, increase revenue and enhance their online presence.

Avatar New York keeps business owners up to date with the latest, most effective web design New York techniques so they get the most out of their online traffic. For companies that want a website that is user-friendly, offers convenient access and ranks well on Google, it is critical that visitors can access the site from all popular mobile devices.

According to Todd Johnson, managing director of Avatar New York, “Creating a mobile-responsive website is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. More than 60 percent of American adults have a smartphone or tablet, and a mobile-compatible website gives them convenient access to products and services.”

The benefits of creating a responsive website extend beyond the user experience. Here are three reasons why these sites rank well on Google:

1. They are more practical for mobile searches.

Google announced that its search engines prefer responsive web design (RWD) and that these websites will rank higher on mobile searches. This is because RWD sites are easy to navigate on mobile devices.

2. They prevent duplicate content.

A mobile-responsive website also prevents duplicate content. This is a critical component of SEO. If a business has one website for desktop users and another for mobile devices, it runs the risk of suffering a Google penalty for having the same text on different URLs.

3. They complement your link-building campaign.

Another critical aspect of SEO is link building. To Google, a link to a website is like a vote that the site has useful content. With a mobile-compatible website design, one link to the site will improve the SEO for both mobile-device and desktop users. However, with two sites, the link will only benefit the site that receives the link.

Responsive websites are also easier to modify. If the company has two sites—one for mobile devices and one for desktop users—it must update the content on both. However, with a mobile-responsive site, only one adjustment is necessary.

Avatar New York is an innovating, award-winning New York web design firm dedicated to providing clients with responsive websites that help grow brands and convert visitors to customers. With an expertise in web development, branding, cloud hosting, mobile app development, and CMS and e-commerce solutions, Avatar New York’s top tier designers have the ability to create intelligent websites for any type of business.