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Designing a Digital City

Medini in Iskandar, Malaysia is a new city under construction with a planned population of 450,000 by 2030. Global Capital & Development needed a website to showcase the city to partners as well as potential residents.

We built a website that supports high definition photography, video, and interactive clickthroughs of the city, down to the level of individual dwellings.


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Global Capital & Development (GCD) is public-private partnership established to facilitate the development of Medini: Global Capital and Development Sdn Bhd. with Mubadala from Abu Dhabi and Medini Central Sdn Bhd from Kuwait.

Medini is a major integrated city development located within the Iskandar region of southern Malaysia. GCD's services focus on end user requirements, offering integrated expertise in planning, design, energy efficiency and facilities management, throughout the life of the asset.


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