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The MSK Cornell Nano Center works at the frontiers of science and wanted a website design that showcased their world-class staff and facilities as well as illustrate their ground breaking cancer therapies.

We designed a responsive website design that creatively presents their people, therapies, and research as well as related news and events.



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The goal of the MSK-Cornell Center for Translation of Cancer Nanomedicine(MC2TCN) is to advance, translate, and disseminate a suite of ultrasmall, multimodality (PET/optical), core-shell silica nanoparticles. In addition to fluorescent particles being highly versatile and exquisitely bright, their size, brightness, and geometry can be tuned for a variety of cancer-care applications. Earlier-generation particles, referred to as Cornell dots or C dots, have already received FDA investigational new drug approvals for phase 1 clinical trials in melanoma, breast cancer, uterine/cervical cancer, and brain tumor patients.

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