4 Ways to Make Websites More Interactive

Websites that provide a superior interactive web design experience to users, generally, have more traffic, better user retention, and higher conversion rates than websites with a poor interactive experience. In other words, a well designed interactive website provides a more meaningful and engaging user experience. Below we share four ways to make websites more interactive.

  1. Update content often. To keep websites relevant and encourage audience engagement, it is vital to update content regularly. Businesses and professionals, who keep their websites up to date, are viewed as a more reliable source of information about the goods or services consumers want. Consumers are more willing to visit an up to date website and interact with more of the website’s content.

  2. Encourage user interactions. Encouraging user interaction should be part of every interactive web design. Ways to promote interaction include calls to action, discussion forums, quizzes / polls, and social sharing features.

  3. Leverage the power of social media. Social media is designed for interaction. It is also where many Internet users go to research and share information. Provide users easy access to like and share content that links back to your website. Content users are more likely to share videos, images, and tips.

  4. Solicit feedback. Consumers respond positively to having their voice heard. Soliciting feedback will instill trust and confidence in the consumer because they will understand that there is a desire to provide an excellent experience. Feedback can be used to optimize the experience and make any necessary improvements based on what the customer is saying.

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